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commision prices


Sketches are my specialization. I normally do colored sketches, but without color is an option as well.


head shots : 45 $

+1 characters : 35 $+

half body :  70 $

+1 characters : 65 $+

full body :  85 $

+1 characters : 70 $+

+ Background : 70 $+ 


Depending on the complexity of the character, prices may vary 


Messy pencil like drawings which resembles a children's coloring book. ​

head shots : 30 $

  • +1 characters : 25 $+

full body :  50 $

  • +1 characters : 35 $+


Depending on the complexity of the character, prices may vary 


Cell shaded character / backgrounds are very clean and neat, nothing complex and easy to understand.

head shots : 40 $

  • +1 characters : 35 $+

half body :  65 $

  • +1 characters : 55 $+

full body :  75 $

  • +1 characters : 65 $+

+Background : 65 $+ 

Depending on the complexity of the character or the background requested, prices may vary 


These are styles I've currently been experimenting with, with varying degrees of success. As such, they're unstable but I can still guarantee the quality.

head shots : 75 $

  • +1 characters : 65 $+

half body :  95 $

  • +1 characters : 85 $+

full body : 110 $

  • +1 characters : 95 $+

+Background : 60 $+ 

Depending on the requests and the needs you want for the character, the price may vary 

.sketch page

Sketch pages are usually done without sample sketches. As the examples picture, each page is one of a kind because of the style. There will be a five character sketches in total.

starting price: 120$

Max 5 different characters on a page

Depending on the complexity of the character, prices may vary


You have something in mind that you want, but don't see it in the price list? Feel free to contact me and tell me what you would like! I do logo designs, icons, and more. I can usually accommodate most needs, and will reply ASAP.

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Commission info / Terms of Service

The text below is subject to change at any time. It is your responsibility as a buyer to read my terms carefully to avoid misinterpretation or miscommunication.



  • I accept only Paypal as payment.


  • I will start on the commission on my own time to ensure the commissioner receives quality work over rushed performance.

  • Commissions will not always be done in order by placement in queue.

  • The fastest you can expect a piece to get finished in is a day. The longest you can wait around will go up to 2 months (hopefully not more) due to art block or schooling.

  • WIPS will be provided throughout these three stages, sketch > lines > colors (done!)

  • You are allowed up to 3 changes to your commissioned piece. Any more than that will be charged 5 USD+ depending on how much  needs to be changed. If it’s my own mistake then it will be changed for free. But if it's due to forgetting to provide information or unclear instructions, then it will be charged.

  • Please do not rush me. If you would like your commission faster or by a certain time, a deadline fee can be created for you depending. Otherwise, if you pester me consistently, I have every right to delay or cancel your commission.



  • I will not refund completed works.

  • If you asked for refund during WIP stage, I will only refund a certain % based on how much work I’ve done.

  • If it is past the sketch stage and the sketch has already been approved, no refund will be given. The commission will go through and be finished, and you will still receive your full art file.



  • The client retains all rights to their respective characters. 

  • You are not allowed to use the commissioned pictures to sell for profits. However you are allowed to make prints, wallpapers and etc for personal use only.

  • I am allowed to recycle sketches and preparatory works that were rejected by the commissioner for other commissions or personal works.


  • I refuse to draw any offensive/controversial, political, taboo fetish, beastiality, babyfurs, lolicon, or other types of sensitive content. If you are unsure if your commission falls under these specifications, please feel free to contact me.

  • My ToS and prices are subject to change at any time. This may be done without warning or earlier notice, so I expect all commissioners to understand that when commissioning me, and also understand that they, by default, agree to my ToS when commissioning me.

  • If it is past two weeks, you may request WIPs as long as it is not constantly or sending several messages to me in a short period of time.

  • Visual references for commissions are taken, but not literary references. I may take literary references from time to time, but please contact me before attempting to commission this.

  • Art quality is dependent on what you're paying, what you specify, and how well of references you give me. If you give me poor references with little specifications, your piece may end up not as you intended or I will design myself whatever pieces of the character I do not see from the references according to the pose chosen.

  • If I have not been given clear instructions, I will interpret myself what the commission is for the void parts and will "fill in the blanks".

  • You will give me two weeks before asking about sketches or your work.


  • I will NOT start your commission until it is paid in full.

  • I have the right to cease work on and reject your commission if it does not abide by my terms and conditions, or if my terms are violated at any point of the commission period.

  • You may post the piece anywhere you'd like, if credit is given to me as the artist.

  • You may crop your commission, but you cannot crop out my signature/logo,

  • You may resize the commission, but only if the signature is still legible.

  • You may not edit your commissions. If you need something altered then contact me.

  • Do not claim any pieces I have done for other people as your own. You may only use the pieces you've commissioned.

  • My pieces cannot be used for commercial gain unless previously discussed.

  • You may print and use the piece for personal use as long as the piece is not altered or signature is removed.

  • You may not claim my artwork as your own drawings. You own the rights to use my pieces for personal reasons, but you do not own full rights to the piece or the right to claim the illustrations as your own.


By ordering from me, you are to agree all the terms stated above.


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